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A training course covering 10 themes related to the workplace. Workshops in small groups in a relaxed and participative atmosphere.

10 interesting themes

The motivation
Wanting to accomplish...
A good attitude
The way you express yourself...
The presentation
How others perceive us...
Working well with others...
Stress management
The pressure of the challenges...
Time management
Priority, productive, schedule...
What I can do with all my abilities...
The ability to adapt
My reaction to the change...
The sense of responsibility
I take responsibility for my actions...
My home office...
Workshops in Zoom or in the classroom
Fall and winter sessions
Small group discussion
Friendly atmosphere
Certificate of participation awarded
Feeling of being part of a group
Networking opportunity
Free training course
You must have a Canadian social insurance number
You must live in Nova Scotia
Why ?
For a return to the labour market
To add this training to your resume
To improve the quality of life at work
To improve interpersonal relationships at work
Understanding Canadian Workplace Values
For whom?
Les employeurs
Les employés
Les chercheurs d'emploi
Les nouveaux arrivants
Toute personne intéressée
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"Thank you, the training for my team and myself was well appreciated. We received good information and our team knows each other better. It was very good for our team building. I would recommend it to other work teams. Thanks again!"

Mme G.
"I enjoyed taking these classes, I find that everything we talked about reflects life today."

M. J.
"Excellent trainer and excellent group!"

Mme D.


Marie-Claude Huot


Zineb Douk

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Marie-Claude Huot
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