Senior Impact

Provide digital training for seniors
Digital training for Seniors with special needs
To improve their social inclusion
For Nova Scotia residents. Places are limited.

Digital training :

To communicate with family and friends
To discover new information
To be part of the community
For mental well-being
All reasons are good...

For questions :

About his laptop
About his tablet/iPad
About his smartphone/iPhone
About the Internet, email, Youtube
About Facebook, Messenger, Zoom, etc...
Depending on your location
According to your schedule
What you want to learn
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Course schedule 2023-2024

Our Team

Amy Begg

Provincial Coordinator

Kay Muise


Catherine LeBlanc


Do you have a question or comment?

Denise Comeau-Desautels
Provincial Coordinator
(902) 260-0501
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An Atlantic 2021-2024 initiative involving 4 Nova Scotia partners

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